bouquets of sharpened pencils..

20 Jun

On this first official day of winter, the Santiago weather did not disappoint. The cold nipped right through my flimsy layers and made it all the way to my toes. A few raindrops to boot didn’t help things, either! The only real solution to this wicked weather was to hunker down in my cozy apartment sipping tomato basil soup from a pretty mug and munching on fresh, hot bakery bread with cheese. Not bad, not bad at all. What could make this scene even better, though? The perfect film.

You really should stop what you’re doing and watch You’ve Got Mail right now. I was so delightfully reminded this evening of how much I enjoy this film that I compiled for your reading pleasure an eight-reasons-why-I-love-this-movie list. Working on your taxes? Those were due two months ago – a couple more days won’t do you any more harm. Homework? This blog post is plenty educational. Reading a favorite book? This movie is your favorite book. It feels familiar and warm; perfect for tonight. Perfect for any night, really. Watch it. Again. Right now.

1. The soundtrack: Joni Mitchell, The Cranberries, Stevie Wonder… need I say more?!

2. Meg Ryan sleeps in socks. Well, her character in the movie does, but I’d like to assume that they’re one in the same. This may not mean much to you, but it’s good to know that I’m not the only person in the world who gets cold feet at night.

3. Books, books, for the love of books.

4. Handkerchiefs are given their rightful place of honor. Show me another movie that makes you want to dust off your old embroidery needles and get to stitching?!

5. The violins ringing like lovely singing, the violins ringing like lovely song… The clarinet, the clarinet, goes doodle doodle doodle doodle dat…

6. Kathleen Kelly: fashion icon. You know you wanted to look like her in 1998. You know some of us still do.

7. Pre-hipster love of independent booksellers. I can appreciate that.

8. “Anne of Green Gables – read it with a box of Kleenex…”

Would you add anything to the list?

-big sis


Update: How interesting was my timing? We’ll miss you Nora Ephron.

2 Responses to “bouquets of sharpened pencils..”

  1. katieleigh June 24, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    I love everything about this movie. And I still want to BE Kathleen Kelly.

  2. pioneerprincess December 15, 2014 at 7:21 am #

    I did not know Nora Ephron had passed away!!! Sad…. And yes, I do like this movie…. mostly because she gets called out on bad behavior, unlike in Sleepless in Seattle!!!! It’s about time!! LOL

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